Dwayne Johnson overpaid for Prime Video’s Christmas comedy Red One

Coming soon, come on Prime Videoa new Christmas comedy will be released, the plot of which is known very little, except that it is as shown by one of the main characters of the global event film, which revisits the Christmas mythology, creating a universe connected to the world of holidays and which can be seen as a hodgepodge between Hobbs and Shaw AND Miracle on 34th Street. Scenario Red Edited by Chris Morgan and directed by Jake Kasdan. The main characters will play Chris Evansformer Captain America from Marvel Comics and from Dwayne Johnson, known for having played in many children’s and adventure films, and was also a wrestler in the past. Johnson is well liked by audiences, who find him entertaining and suitable for any action or adventure film, and was one of the main characters in the film’s sequels. jumanji and wore clothes Black Adams in a film dedicated to the DC Comics antihero. Such a cast is expected for Red, Starring two of Hollywood’s most desirable actors and the belief that a young audience that manages to attract even the older ones means using a very high budget, and it seems that Amazon Studios shelled out a huge amount to have Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. movie.

Dwayne Johnson and the mind-blowing figure received for his role in Red

Judging by what’s leaked Puck News (Street Straight/ScreenRant), not only would the offer made to the actor be one of the most generous from the studio, but it would also be the highest ever received by a Hollywood actor in a production, and for a single role, ever received by an actor in a single film. Johnson, interpret Callum Driftthe former ELF commander would have been rumored to have received as much as $50 million.

Previously, the maximum amount Johnson received was about $23.5 million. Jumanji: The Next Level 2019 and beyond red notice Netflix, $22.5 million Black Adams$22 million for Jungle Cruise and $20 million for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. Thus, the record held today by Johnson, the highest paid actor in a single film, was previously $40 million for Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War and Will Smith in King Richard.

According to others, it is precisely because of the high cost of production Red, Amazon exceeds the budget prices, and it also made us think about the strike announced by the actors regarding compensation. Among the reasons that triggered the strike were residual payments from streamers, notably Prime Video and Netflix, which would contrast with the high profits earmarked for Johnson if Red. It is for this reason that some feel that actors who charge a lot of money bear a certain amount of blame for the low wages meant for other actors.

Before the advent of the streaming giants, the standard salary for Hollywood’s biggest stars was $20 million plus a percentage of a film’s box office. For platform-only films, which therefore do not go to the cinema in the first place, payment is made in advance based on ratings.

I must say that Dwayne Johnson also acts as a producer of the film. Red together with Hiram Garcia and them seven bucks.

Shot from the set

It’s just that the actor last February posted on Instagram (@therock) a photo of himself with the torso of a very specific creature, writing in the caption that sometimes Christmas mythology is scary and that the bust we see in front of his face looks like Krampus stating that the scenery in which they filmed the film is impressive, as well as the monsters of the Christmas tradition that will be featured in the film.

Reddoes not yet have a release date, but will most likely be distributed on the Prime Video platform during the holiday season.

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