Dwayne Johnson returns to the ring at 49. What “beast” is the actor fighting with?

The 49-year-old actor is intensely preparing for the gym because he wants to return to the physical form that made him famous. According to the NY Post, the two will face off next year and will earn over $ 10 million each for this historic game. Roman Reigns, 36, is 1.91 meters tall and weighs 120 kilograms. He is a WWE World Champion and has been married since 2014 to Galina Becker and has a daughter. He began his career as a fighter at an early age, and in 2002 he gained a reputation as a true beast in the ring. Reigns was an American football player, as was Dwayne Johnson, and repeatedly stated that he deeply regretted that “The Rock” had retired from WWE because he wanted to beat him badly in the ring. As early as 2020, the two fighters over 1.90 meters tall faced each other in statements and challenged each other, so the WWE organizers agreed to give them the much-desired fight.

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Known as a tough guy on the big screen especially because of the roles in “Fast and Furious” (2019), “San Andreas” (2015) and “Central Intelligence” (2016), Johnson literally took it in the minds of children. What Dwayne Johnson did to arouse the admiration of all his fans has nothing to do with the image of the tough and bully who consecrated him. The actor, who has a fortune of over 320 million dollars, was photographed in the summer, while he was doing the hairstyle for Jasmine’s 5-year-old daughter. This while little Tiana Gia, 2 years old, was in the care of her mother, Lauren Hashian. Dwayne Johnson also has a daughter from his marriage to Dany Garcia (1997-2008), 19-year-old Simone. He has been married to Hashian since 2019.


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