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Dwayne Johnson suggests that he will not appear in other Fast and Furious movies

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who contributed to the success of Fast and Furious and turned it into a successful $ 1 billion franchise, said it would no longer appear in upcoming movies in the series, writes gamesradar.com.

When reporters insisted on the conflict with his co-star Vin Diesel, Johnson avoided saying, “I wish them good luck in Fast 9. And also good luck in Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the other movies in the series, they just want to be without me ”.

Johnson appeared in Fast 5, then appeared in three more Fast and Furious movies. He also played in the 2019 Hobbs & Shaw sequel, alongside Jason Statham.

It is unclear whether Hobbs & Shaw will have a sequel, although Hobbs was missing in Fast and Furious 9, perhaps due to his relationship with Vin Diesel, one about which the actor recently said: “My approach at the time was a tough one, to get the game you need, ”the actor told Men’s Health in June.

“It simply came to our notice then. We had to have results and, at that moment, it was about love but also hardness ”.

Although Johnson’s contribution to the Fast series may have stopped, the Fast series still has gas in the tank. Fast 10 and Fast 11 will mark the end of the series built around the Toretto family. Vin Diesel has already talked about a goodbye, saying that “there is a lot to cover”. In an interview with Regal, the actor also confirmed that the end of the story will be filmed in January 2022. Johnson, apparently, will not be there.

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