Dwayne Johnson’s forgotten ten-year-old thriller becomes a Netflix hit.


  • The Snitch, a forgotten thriller starring Dwayne Johnson, became a surprise Netflix hit ten years after its release, racking up 4.1 million hours watched.
  • The film follows a father who infiltrates to help convict a drug dealer and save his son.
  • The success of The Snitch on Netflix puts it on par with popular contemporary films like Heart of Stone and You’re Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.

The Snitch, a near-forgotten thriller starring Dwayne Johnson, became a Netflix hit ten years after its release. The film is about John Matthews (Johnson) who infiltrates to expose a drug dealer after his son is arrested for possession of an illegal package of drugs and refuses to falsify evidence to incriminate another person. Upon its release in theaters on February 22, 2013, The Snitch earned a total of $57.9 million worldwide against a $25 million budget.

Netflix presented the 10 best English-language films in the world for the week of August 28 to September 3. Dwayne Johnson’s The Snitch managed to reach number ten thanks to 2.3 million viewers for a total of 4.1 million hours watched. This placed the film in the same echelon as contemporary Netflix hits such as “Heart of Stone” and “You’re So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.”

Why is Snitch doing well in 2023?

There are several reasons why The Snitch is such a success ten years after it hit theaters. First and foremost is the Netflix effect. Any movie that just appeared on the service will receive an immediate boost in views from subscribers looking for news. However, there are other factors that likely contributed to Snitch’s success.

One of the biggest factors is the cast of The Snitch. In addition to the presence of Johnson, who has since become an even more prominent global superstar, the film boasts performances by Susan Sarandon, Benjamin Bratt, Barry Pepper and Michael K. Williams. In addition to this top-notch cast, the film also features the roles of people who will become even more famous in later years.

This includes Jon Bernthal, who starred in the Netflix series The Punisher after his role in The Snitch. Also in attendance is David Harbor, whose roles in Netflix’s Black Widow, Violent Night and Stranger Things have propelled him onto the big and small screens in the post-Snitch years. Fans of these stars may not have had a reason to look for the movie before it hit the streaming service, but it looks like they helped build viewership once it became available.

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