Dwayne Johnson’s Forgotten Thriller ‘The Snitch’ Hits Netflix

Dwayne Johnson, known as “The Rock”, may have lost his box office title in recent years, but his dominance of streaming services continues to grow. The actor recently made the seemingly forgotten 2013 action movie The Snitch famous thanks to Netflix.

Dwayne Johnson continues to dominate streaming: The Snitch’s success on Netflix

Although some film projects have received mixed reviews, Dwayne Johnson remains one of the biggest names in Hollywood, especially when it comes to big blockbusters. However, in recent years, many of his films have not achieved the desired results at the box office, some were even considered failures due to high production costs, partly due to the reputation of the actor.

But when his old films are given new life on streaming platforms, things change drastically. Red Notice, in which The Rock co-starred with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, is currently the most watched original film on Netflix.

Now, the 2013 film The Snitch, which initially received little acclaim when it debuted in theaters, has made it to Netflix’s top 10 English-language films in the world for the week of August 28 to September 3.

The Snitch, directed by Rick Roman Waugh, tells the story of a father who works for a construction company and faces the harsh reality of his son being sentenced to 30 years in prison for drug dealing. To try to save him, the man makes a deal with a lawyer and offers to infiltrate a powerful and dangerous drug ring to help the DEA. His mission is to transport drugs in order to uncover the whereabouts of Malik, the leader of a criminal gang.

The success of The Snitch on Netflix further demonstrates the power of streaming entertainment and the ability to bring new viewers to cinematic productions that might otherwise be forgotten. Dwayne Johnson’s presence in the film is undoubtedly a factor in his return, proving that the actor’s appeal remains strong even after all these years.

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