Dwayne Johnson’s old thriller hits Netflix’s top 10

A decade-old thriller starring Dwayne Johnson and apparently forgotten has appeared in Netflix’s top 10: which one?

Dwayne Johnson he’s not afraid of action: his filmography proves it. And yet, thanks Netflix, one of his thrillers is back in the spotlight, easily climbing into the top ten. If the actor recently appeared in films again with Black Adamon streaming platform Snitch – spy to interest viewers. Director Rick Roman Waugh and released in 2013, Snitch once again found its moment of glory thanks to Netflix.

Snitch – The Infiltrator is back on track with Netflix’s Top 10

Exactly ten years after its release in theaters, Snitch has become one of the hottest films on Netflix, at least on the American platform, according to On-screen rant. Main character John Matthews, a father willing to do anything to help his innocent son get out of prison. For this reason, he decides to cooperate with the police and go undercover, interacting with a dangerous drug dealer. His son Jason is a teenager and sentenced to 10 years in prison: when he gets out from behind bars, he will be a man. But Jason is not guilty, so he doesn’t deserve such a fate. He received a package with drugs from a friend, but it was not his, for which he was arrested. Moreover, he refuses to cooperate with the police by providing evidence to convict someone in exchange for a reduced sentence. So his father does the dirty work. Businessman John will try to save his son by elbowing drug dealers.

According to Screen Rant, “Snitch” grossed a total of $57.9 million worldwide at the time of release, but it was on Netflix in the US that it regained its strength, finishing in the top ten by the end of August 2023, attracting 2.3 million viewers with 4.1 million total hours watched. All this attention has allowed Dwayne Johnson’s largely forgotten film to compete with new Netflix original releases, including Heart of stone With Gal Gadot AND You’re not invited to my bat mitzvah With Adam Sandler. The cast of Snitch includes other names worthy of the big screen, including Susan Sarandon, Benjamin Bratt, Michael K. Williams, David Harbor AND Barry Pepper.

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