Dwight Howard strongly disagrees that Michael Jordan and LeBron James lineup could beat his all-center team

Dwight Howard went viral recently because he listed his all-time starting five, which only included big men. The former NBA champion was joined by himself and NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuwon and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

After he went viral, fans started reacting to his all-time starting five picks and listed the combinations of players that could beat that lineup. However, the veteran big man remains adamant that his starting five will beat everyone.

I responded via Instagram Stories to a user who gave a starting five of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant. Howard was confident his team could beat this lineup and responded with “too few.”

Dwight Howard discusses his all-time starting five

Dwight Howard believes his starting five will be unbeatable

Dwight Howard always finds a way to steal the show with his actions on the court or his comments off the court. This time around, his choices regarding his all-time starting five have sparked a lot of interest.

As mentioned before, he selected himself and four NBA legends, all big men, while he explained what position each of them would play.

“You all have to find a way to beat this team. We’re going to have Hakeem play the point guard. I’m going to play the two. We’ve got Wilt, Shaq and Shaq at the three, four and five. Kareem… who’s stopping them? I’ll wait. Name five,” Howard said in an interview. Appeared on the “Inspired By Hoops” podcast.

This is a starting five that excels in the paint but struggles on the perimeter. Wilt Chamberlain can control the game because of his ability to create opportunities for his teammates, but beyond that, only the 4 and 5 positions can dominate.

Likewise, defensively, they will struggle on the perimeter, but will be very good in the paint due to their shot-blocking ability. Still, as confident as Dwight Howard is in his talent, perhaps the lineup should include a more versatile big man.

Recently, he even said that in his prime, he would easily beat defending champion Nikola Jokic, whose approach to the game has been highly praised by players, coaches and executives.

“I love Jokic and I’m happy for him. I think he’s one of the best centers in the history of basketball, but I’m not going to sully my own name. I’m Dwight Howard. I know what I do in this league. What. All time center, I’m in the top ten,” Howard said in an interview with basketball.com.

Dwight Howard is currently playing overseas but hopes to return to the NBA. He tried out with the Golden State Warriors, but the team ultimately decided not to sign him in order to maintain flexibility in the lineup for the new season.

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