Dybala, England testing? From Wimbledon to Formula 1 with Ferrari and Red Bull

Bye Jose Mourinho landed in Rome and started asking questions about him and Alvaro Morata, Paulo Dybala made a stop at the motorway Silverstone where is the weekend Formula One.

Full immersion sports, but not football for the Argentine striker, who, after allowing himself a visit to Wimbledonextended vacation in Englandapparently very welcome, with a visit to the British paddock.

Dybala’s guest in the Ferrari garage: communication with Leclerc and Sainz

Dybala was a guest in the penalty area Ferrari where he had a long conversation with Charles Leclerc AND Carlos Sainzwho satisfied his curiosity before the start of the qualification (in which they teased each other with a fiery radio command), then changed teams for the award Max Verstappen just won pole position.

Dybala and Verstappen, handshake between world champions

The 27th career front-row start for the two-time world champion Dutch driver shook hands with Dybala, who experienced the joy of rising to the top of the world in Qatar with her Argentina.

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