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Dying Light PC Game Download Full Version

Vampires, ghosts and phantoms have been present in pop culture for decades. Not only in books, comics, movies, but also in video games. An unusual example in the style of survival-horror is ” Dying Light Download ” created by the Polish studio Techland after entering the browser . The plot is based, as is usually the case with fictional zombies. A mysterious virus takes over the inhabitants of a town called Harran, no less fictional than the heroes themselves.

Dying Light PC Game Download Full Version

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The main character is Kyle Crane, who repels the attacks of the dead, thus fighting for survival. Doesn’t that remind us of something? Of course, the plot is repetitive, but fans of the survival-horror genre as well as critics agree that ” Dying Light Download ” is not a copy of other productions, but a sensational and avant-garde creation in every respect. It is true that the topic is shabby, so the creators set the bar high, whether they like it or not, paradoxically following the lowest line of resistance. Basic factors such as shortcomings in the graphic and programming layer contribute to the disadvantage of the game. The overall effect is so thrilling and believable that the player can really believe that he is fighting to the death.

However, it is worth returning to the action place for a while. The town of Harran is a place where everything looks normal, but after a while we feel a slight anxiety, which immediately turns into a desperate fight not only for survival, but also for humanity. The town is paralyzed, surrounded by an army from everywhere, which is only waiting for a decision for the final solution. But not him – Kyle Crane, who we play as, born philanthropist, hero, man of honor – is thrown in the middle of a proportionately dead and fascinating city. Remember, however, that this is not a fictional film, but a game – so we have tasks to do. Moving around an abandoned metropolis, we quickly notice how the details are refined in the arrangement of the place of action, which distracts from the implementation of tasks.

Dying Light pictures from the game

What is definitely the strength of ” Dying Light Download” Is the way of creating, metamorphosing the hero. From initially unsuited to moving around the city controlled by zombies, to the master of the parkour. The process is based on earning points through hands-on activities. Notes can be invested in additional skills, not only to move around the city, but also combat – weapons and the ability to improve them are a bonus here. You have to remember that the game is a survival game, the main goal of the hero is to survive and not expose himself to death! This one will come with the onset of darkness … Kyle Crane, relying on his own experience, is forced to confront not with humans, not animals, but with something that is guided not by the instinct to satisfy hunger, but by the instinct to kill. Here, the player has two options. Fight or flight, it all depends on your priorities.

Game trailer – Dying Light

Of course, the safer option is to run away, but what if we have no choice but to face it? Based on folk adages – with light – then fiat lux! Overall, this game is definitely worth recommending. Both fans of film works with a thrill and games that make the heart for palpitations. Dying Light is definitely one of them. The premiere of this mega production took place in January, and it still breaks records in sales and in the number of downloads. Interestingly, on the web we can find a huge number of pages where we can easily get this zombie apocalyptic gameplay. Just enter the phrase ” Dying light download ” in the search engine to enjoy a lot of adrenaline after a while.

Dying Light PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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