E3 2020 Deleted, Microsoft, Is The Title Of The Event-Xbox-Online – Timlo.net


Timlo.netThe ESA has recently announced, if you are not a E3 hold-2020 this year. Cancellation of the event due to the outbreak of the corona virus, infected thousands of people around the world. Due to the cancellation of the E3 2020, the announcement and the release of the product for developers and companies the game also, moved.

If you are waiting for the announcement from Microsoft concerning the Xbox, head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed, if the company is planning the event online. In this case, share the latest news in connection the game Xbox and the new Xbox-write to console UbergizmoThursday (12/3).

When the event took place and how the public can participate not described. But Phil reveal when more information will be revealed in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the organizers of the E3 in 2020 own to uncover, if you want to check how online event. So companies can make new announcements related to their products online.

“E3 is a major moment for the Xbox team. You can find this decision in this year we celebrate generation gaming more with the Xbox community and all the people that like to play, by a event digital Xbox. The Details in respect to time and others will be released a couple of weeks in the future,” wrote Phil.

Editor : Ranu Ario