E3 2020 Deleted, Square Enix Will Find a way To Announced the Latest games and Other Surprises


In the last two months, the spread of the outbreak of the corona virus, increasingly, had many event-giant in the world, be postponed or cancelled. One of them was at E3, a trade show video is the greatest game in the world is officially cancelled. Of course, this make is disappointed-players from around the world, not only the gamers, of course, the developer and publisher also have the same disappointment to swallow.

One of them is Square Enix, a Japanese company, this time not E3 could announce as a leg to stand on, a variety of announcements and surprises interesting to. But Square Enix is not going to stop, even though E3 2020 cancelled, they said they would give a different way to a surprise for the players. Through his Twitter account that Square Enix is a line-up of interesting games has announced, in addition, they also plan to announce interesting things in connection menujunya the era of the next.

Square Enix themselves have no more to say related to the event replace what you have planned, after the cancellation of this year’s E3. Could it be that the format of the live bears stream ala Nintendo Direct, and is the property of Sony? Or was it the other format, the unexpected? We have to wait and see.

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