E3 Cancelled, Square Enix Find a way to Announce the game


INDOZONE.ID Not long ago, the Entertainment Software Association was the organizer of the E3 in 2020 to officially cancel the event, because the presence of the corona virus, the damage caused to participants, employees, and visitors.

The cancellation of the E3-2020 to create dozens of game developers and publishers not so announced their new game at the event. Square Enix has affected one of the game developer, by the corona virus.

Electronic Entertainment Expo In 2020
Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2020 (photo/ESA)

However, to announce recently, Square Enix made an announcement that, even though E3 in 2020, not shown, in this year, they are looking for a way to make your new game in 2020.

“The Lineup has been waiting for in the year 2020 to us, and also the game next-gen, is one of the things that are important to Square Enix. Where E3 is the perfect place, the announcement of new games, we will find another way to present you our new game for you,” wrote Square Enix on its official Twitter account.

Probably Square Enix is a private event and live via live streaming. Or maybe you will use a method such as Nintendo Direct, or State-of-Play of Sony? We will see!

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