Earlier, the First phone with Android operating system : Okezone techno


SAN JOSE – Earlier the name of the phone is the first time with the Android operating system. Earlier, a prototype of the smartphone brand HTC G1/Dream, is quoted Bbc.

Mobile is always the first platform that uses the base Android, the year 2008. The design of the phone, the navigation buttons are not used to be much different with the Blackberry products, complete with QWERTY keyboard and keys-at the bottom of the screen.

Allegedly, the phone is mounted, which was started by Google, but never. Each device used to be sold on eBay for USD200, or about Rp3,2 million per unit. But the seller does not promise that the phone works as it should, because it is with age.

The kitchen was of course far behind when compared to phone-Android phones that exist today. Earlier it will be powered by a processor OMAP artificial Texas Instruments, TI, OMAP 850 SoC, and is equipped with 64MB of RAM.

In the past, a screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The battery is only a helpless 960 mAh. Interesting is, the phone is equipped with a rear camera with a resolution of 1.3 MP. In addition, the left Earlier are also still on 2G network.