Early on, Christopher Nolan reveals his favorite answers to questions about the ending

The film Inception ends with a suspenseful ending and director Christopher Nolan has revealed what he thinks is the true answer to questions about the story’s ending.

Early on, Christopher Nolan reveals his favorite answers to questions about the ending

Christopher Nolan came back to talk about start endThe film with Leonardo DiCaprio was released in cinemas in 2010. During a new episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the director admitted that he doesn’t like answering questions about the epilogue of the story, which he often has to deal with.

Perfect answer according to Nolan

Towards the end of the inception, the audience becomes dependent on the fate of Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, making it difficult to differentiate between dream and reality.
Christopher Nolan has now explained: “Thank God he hasn’t asked me that in a long time. I went through a phase where a lot was being asked of me. I sometimes made the mistake of getting spots outside screenings where everyone else was freaking out,
The filmmaker then added: “I think it was producer Emma Thomas who pointed out the correct answer: The point of the scene is that the protagonist, Leo’s character, doesn’t care. This is the best answer I can think of. But yeah, that’s not an answer I’d answer without feeling uncomfortable,

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fact or fiction?

The director then reiterated his vision, which has been repeated before, coupled with a desire to present an optimistic ending: “Cobb has moved on and is with his children. This ambiguity for the audience is not emotionally, but intellectually,
Michael Caine revealed in the past that Nolan assured him that the ending of Inception was real. Last year, during a public screening, the actor said: “When I got the script for Inception, I was shocked and I told Nolan ‘I don’t know where the dream is and where is the reality.’

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