Earth could end up with rings like Saturn’s, but made of space junk

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Despite the fact that only a short time has passed more than half a century since that we started sending satellites into space, we already we have managed to fill the space with space junk. And it turns out that garbage could end up forming rings around our planet.

A group of researchers from the University of Utah argue that this is the horizon we are approaching: “The Earth is on the way to having its own rings,” he explained. the professor of robotics at the University of Utah Jake Abbot, “only they will be made of garbage.”

Lto space junk –satellites that have stopped working, rocket parts or damages that have been produced in the ships that we send into space– it isa crowding around our planet and each year increases exponentially. All that junk is orbiting to Earth at more than 25,000 km per hour and could jeopardize any future mission we send into space. Also, if those pieces of junk collide with other satellites or ships, they could generate many more fragments and aggravate even more if possible the problem.

To try to solve it, Abbot and his group of researchers They have developed a magnetic field capable of attracting these objects and moving them in a controlled way so that they orbit within limits. Being able to distribute space debris in these rings would not only leave certain areas free of waste, but would also facilitate their subsequent collection. “Basically, we have created the world’s first tractor beam,” said Abbot. “Now it is only one engineering question for build it and launch it ”.

Even though space junk may not sound like a concern, it is. Without going any further, the astronauts of the Estation EInternational Spacial were forced to take refuge inside the ship’s docking pods after Russia destroyed a satellite into orbit and scatter thousands of debris through space, and this isn’t even the first incident on the ISS caused by a fragment of space junk.

I already knowEither with the Abbot system and your peers or with any other of those currently in development, we have to come up with a system to manage space debris before it it’s too late.

[Vía: Business Insider]

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