Eastern spring: breath of the East in Florence

A new series of festivals, “Looking to the East,” opens, organized by the Tuscany region at the Odeon cinema by the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. “Spring of Eastern Cinema”, the third edition, which will take place from March 21 to May 29, 2014, consists of four international festivals: Florence Korea Film Fest (March 21-30), Film Middle East Now (April 9-14). ), Wow! Japan Film Festival (May 8-11) and Dragon Film Festival (May 26-29). A festival program that, as already noted within the framework of the “50 days of international cinema in Florence” for 8 years now, contributes to the visibility of each initiative that is part of it and creates a valuable collaboration between all actors and FST, with the goal of always winning new audiences . “Primavera di Cinema Orientale” is created thanks to the region of Tuscany, the municipality of Florence and the Institute of Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.

It begins on March 21, the first day of spring, with Korean Film Festival in Florence As an exclusive guest will be the Asian star Choi Min-sik, a recognized actor, one of the most famous in South Korea. For the first time in Italy, the retrospective will be dedicated to the actor, who will be in Florence to receive the award. 12th Korean Film Festival in Florence.
Choi Min-sik (Seoul, January 22, 1962) became famous early in his career for his role in Siri (1999), but it was through his interpretation of artist Jang Seung-yup in Drunk with Women and Painting (2002) . ) Im Kwon Taek is gaining more and more popularity. He then achieved international fame by starring under the direction of Park Chan-wook in Old Boy (2003) and Lady Vendetta (2005), two films that complete the so-called “Vendetta Trilogy” begun in 2002 with Mister Vendetta ” The actor recently took part in the filming of Luc Besson’s film “Lucy”, in which Scarlett Johansson will play the main role.

Middle East now This will be the second festival in the series, which will take place from Wednesday 9 to Monday 14 April in the spring program of Eastern Cinema, in the Odeon, Stensen cinemas and other venues in the city. The festival will bring the culture of the modern Middle East back to Florence through film, art projects, meetings and events. The 2014 festival, organized by the cultural association Map of Creation, offers a rich program of around 40 screenings, including feature films, documentaries, animations and short films focusing on travel. full immersion This affects the hottest countries and societies in the Middle East, which are now increasingly the focus of international media attention. Stories, characters, powerful themes and current events in the latest productions from Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Syria, Qatar, Algeria and Morocco to raise cultural awareness. and the society of these countries, beyond prejudices and clichés.

Again, it’s not just a name WA! Japanese Film Festival (former Japanese Film Festival in Florence), dedicated to contemporary Japanese cinema and culture, which expands its borders and after Florence (8–11 May, Cinema Odeon) also lands for the first time in Milan (13–15 May, Auditorium San Fedele). WA! it is an onomatopoeic sound expressing enthusiasm; this is one of the ideograms that Japan was called in ancient times; it is a suffix that means harmony, peace, cyclicality. WA! The Japanese Film Festival is everything: a young and popular festival that embraces modernity while maintaining a strong connection to tradition.
WA!JFF, part of the “Spring of Oriental Cinema” program, is the only event in Italy entirely dedicated to Japanese cinema and aimed at promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. In its fourth edition, it introduces an updated format with 15 feature films covering a wide range of the rich Japanese film industry (more than 500 titles per year), including some important animation works, documentaries, comedies and highly successful drama films in Japan. emphasis also on the independent scene and young newcomers. Finally, the program includes 18 short films selected by Sapporo Short Fest and Japan Media Arts Festival. Most of the films presented are Italian or European premieres, the works are accompanied by directors and actors. Already announced Miss ZombieNew film Sabu (stage name Hiroyuki Tanaka). One of the most popular directors in Japan and abroad in the 1990s, Sabu became famous for his eccentric action comedies. Subsequently, his creativity and his fortunes faded a bit before recovering on a different level from his origins with The Crab Cannery Ship (Kanikyosen, 2009), Rabbit Drop (Usagi Drop, 2011) and, most notably, Miss Zombie” (2013), presented at various international festivals. A socially satirical horror thriller in which the undead are used as servants in the homes of rich people, filmed in black and white and paying homage to both the horror classics of the silent film era and the new wave of zombie invasions.
Despite the global success of sushi, Japan’s rich culinary traditions are virtually unknown in the West. The festival provides moments of discovery and tasting of culinary traditions through the creativity of Japanese chefs. Each year the festival is “twinned” with a Japanese city outside the major metropolitan areas to highlight the diversity of the numerous “bell towers” of the Rising Sun. Takaoka will be the protagonist of the fourth edition, famous for the production of pewter objects made by local artisans working in the endangered sector.

After three editionsHong Kong Film PanoramaThe meeting with Chinese cinema resumes at the “Spring of Oriental Cinema” with an even broader program, also including films Shanghai International Film Festival. From May 26 to 29, four days of programs with 10 previews will introduce Odeon cinema audiences to today’s Chinese cinema and society.
Films from Hong Kong arrive in Dragon Film Festival thanks to collaboration between the companies and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Authority in Brussels, which brings the films to Florence after touring major European cities including Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Brussels and Antwerp. Instead, other titles emerged through collaboration with Riccardo Gelli, director of the Florence Korean Film Festival, the Florence Eurasia Association, the Embassy of Rome and the Florence Consulate of the People’s Republic of China.

It will be a truly busy spring with cinematic events that will be able to give the Florentine public a small taste of the culture of the Middle and Far East with two months of cinema, exhibitions and a large number of cultural events.

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