Easy to prepare, delicious and perfect for dinner or lunch10

this chili They are one of those dishes that we can enjoy in many ways. They are always stuffed with cod or meat and are delicious.But today, we got creative and we wanted to try 5 original fillings to enjoy alone or in groups. The amazing thing about these chilis is that they can be stuffed with just about anything you can think of and don’t even require cooking, which makes them perfect for serving cold or at room temperature.

You can discover new flavors and textures by experimenting with a variety of fillings, from classics to more innovative options.What we also really like about the little peppers is that they give us a great opportunity to practice use the kitchen. What does it mean? Well, here’s the idea of ​​reusing leftovers or ingredients from your pantry or refrigerator to create delicious meals and avoid wasting food.

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