Ebrard, the steering wheel political against Covid-19


The global emergency against the Coronavirus Covid-19in Mexico has as its main operator to the secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubónwho , from the 31st of march, in the political sphere became invested with the leadership of the General Health Council, who legally presides over the secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela. In the crisis of the caravans of migrants, it was the first time that don Marcelo received a commendation presidential, above the secretaries of dispatch is relevant to the problem, and that you still hear the criticisms of the deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo. But now is a time of unity, of rowing all together against the Covid-19, and for the moment, no one in the 4T has dared to make statements about the new order of don Marcelo, who took the steering wheel political in this winding and dangerous road of the pandemic…

Senate see the pandemic from the barrier

The Commission Covid-19 of the Senate, by the way, and it is now known, remained the chinito: just looking. Remind us that it was created by order of the full senate in the last session that was able to make before suspending the session, for follow-up actions against the pandemic. But it turns out that Brown and his allies failed to comply with the mandate of meeting once a week, “at least”, and they have not even connected by remote connection, as have the heads of State and government of the G-90, or the cabinet in charge of the health emergency with the governors of the entities in the country. This anomaly, the said morenista Ricardo Monreal Ávilawho said: “The issue is the scientists and specialists on the subject”, or what is the same: it is not a matter for the politicians. Really?

And the production of BREAD in times of Covid-19

The bench of Brown, we are told, brings eye at the time of the Covid-19 to the members of the parliamentary group of the PAN, headed by Mauricio Kuri. Nobody understands the panistas, they comment on the morenistas, because first they wanted to close in mid-march the Senate. Once enacted the contingency health sought to govern the full. After, say, the blue called a press conference, when the National Council of Health ordered the emergency with the message of #QuétateEnCasa. Ah, see, the panistas cancelled the call before the eventual finger-pointing social. The senators morenistas wonder: how do you call the action of the blue? Prominence and political opportunism in times of Covid-19, under the production of Xóchitl Gálvez and Damian Zepeda and starring don Mauricio, respond.

The plane famous of the FAM

An aircraft Gulfstream of the Mexican Air Force is becoming an emblem of the current federal government. We have found that the aircraft with registration 3916 of the FAM jumped to fame, better said, flew to fame, with the story of the journey to get out of their country to the former president of Bolivia, Evo Moralesand attain to move it to Mexico. Now, the same aircraft was again used, but now to the rescue of a fellow-countryman, the yucatan Ethel Trujillo, who had remained stranded in Cusco, Peru, and with positive diagnosis of Covid-19. The aircraft builds up their anecdotes.

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