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‘Jesus Gonzalez Alonso. “Echoes of the Gijon Pianist at the Vienna Conservatory” is the title of the recording book that the Cultural Foundation of the City of Gijón has just entered into the collection of Rene de Coupo, recounting his important adventures, preserved on two CDs recorded. Musician from Gijon, born 1946-1988, acclaimed soloist, winner of the Elena Rombro-Stepanow (Vienna) , Gian Battista Viotti (Vercelli, Italy) or Boesendorfer (Vienna).

His talent and virtuosity can be seen in a disc released in 1980, which includes Modeswt Mussorgsky’s Bilder einer Ausstellung and Gerswin’s Rhapsody in Blue”, the first CD contains excerpts from an interview with the musician in Gijon in 1981. On another album, El Albaicín. “Iberian Suite”, Isaac Albeniz; “Spanish Lyrics” op.54 by Oscar Explá and by Enrique Granados Concerto Allegro, and Sonata in C Major, Hobb. XVI-50′, by Franz Joseph Hayden.

But beyond his beautiful notes are the words of Sheila Martínez Díaz, doctor of musicology, who is tasked with tracing the life trajectory of a man born in Gijón, a violinist of Madrid origin. Son, also a doctor of musicology. A woman with a self-taught artist in her family. Music has always been with him, and at the age of four he began attending the Gijón Music School under Enrique Truan Álvarez. At the age of thirteen, he completed his piano studies in Oviedo, receiving a scholarship that enabled him to move to Madrid, where he received the virtuosity first prize and José Cubilé from the Supérieur de Musica in 1962 Special Award. He then started a career as a soloist and went to Vienna on a scholarship. There he perfected his art under the tutelage of musician Hans Graf. EL COMERCIO then responded to his progress: “I don’t know how to explain what my stay in Vienna meant for my training. Above all, I discovered a remarkable musical atmosphere”, he wrote to Ben in 1966. The newspaper said.

They trained for six years until he became an assistant professor to his teacher in 1971. In this way, while continuing his award-winning solo career, he stepped into the field of teaching. Frankfurt was another important destination, as he secured a professorship at the German city’s music academy. All this without ignoring his career as a soloist, which also led to two recordings for two separate albums, now remastered in this volume.

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Despite the distance, he never forgot his land and often collaborated with the Gijon Philharmonic Orchestra and participated in different concerts. In 1983, he returned to Spain. Although he gained instruction from the Asturias Conservatory, he eventually chose to settle in San Sebastian until his early death from double pneumonia. He is only 41 years old and is in the prime of his career.

The entire journey is outlined in a book, with photos and extensive press commentary in this newspaper, as well as an article by José Ramon Mendez, Artistic Director of the Gijon International Piano Festival. “It is a pity that we are unable to appreciate more of his great musical talent, but his legacy lives on through these recordings, as well as the enormously inspiring impact of his teaching work. (…) I am impressed by his image His gratitude and reverence are endless,” he has left in print. But it still says more about the man behind the lauded musician: “His integrity, discipline, rigor and sometimes uncompromising attitude cannot overshadow his kindness, tenderness and generosity.”

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