Ed Sheeran, about the first years of fame: I could be robbed or kidnapped. I had no guards, we had no one to go out with, I went to bars alone

Ed Sheeran told the Halfcast podcast about his “reckless” behavior in the early years after his fame. The 30-year-old British artist revealed that he had no guards, no one to go out with and went to bars alone.

In a conversation with The Mirror, Ed explained that at first he went on tour alone: “I lived in America for a year. I didn’t have security, I was the only one on tour, and my whole team meant 50 people who didn’t want to go out to the restaurant, to the bar, anywhere “.

“We finished the concert and left alone. A reckless gesture. I could have been robbed, kidnapped or whatever. ”

“As for the parties, the outings, I could say that it was my rebellious period. I was 22 years old, I was stuttering when I was a child, I had red hair, big glasses, I was a bit of a nerd, so girls were never interested in me. Now I was successful, I had had the laser surgery on my eyes and I had lost weight ”.

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Ed started giving up nightlife pretty quickly, after meeting Cherry Seaborn at the age of 24, with whom he married in 2019.

The artist admitted that he drank quite a lot when he felt alone on tour and ate unhealthy food. Then he took a break from concerts.

“I liked chicken wings, wine, beer and I never moved. Ever since I became a father, I’ve been pretty modest. “

“When Cherry became pregnant, I decided to change my lifestyle. Lyra was the biggest motivation for detoxifying my body and I think it’s a change that anyone who becomes a parent needs to embrace. “

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