Ed Sheeran announces new album ‘Autumn Variations’

“Autumn is coming”, “Autumn is coming” – a phrase with which for several weeks he adopted the famous quote (“Winter is coming”, “Winter is coming”) from the series “Game of Thrones”, according to which the protagonist of the episodic role Ed Sheeran prepared fans to post news. Now it’s confirmed that the red British singer-songwriter will be released next September. new albumwhich came out a few months after the publication of “-” (“Subtraction”) in May last year (here is our review).

Will close the series of “math” albums, the next Ed Sheeran album will be called “Autumn variationsand will be available on digital platforms as well as in various physical formats. from September 29. The album, produced like the previous one by National’s Aaron Dessner, will feature fourteen songs.

The artist shared the details of his new work on his official website, where you can already pre-order the album, as well as through a video posted on social networks. In the caption to the video, the author of the song explains:

“Last fall, I realized that my friends and I are going through many changes. After the summer heat, everything calmed down, calmed down, collapsed, fell sharply or exploded. When I went through hard times early last year, writing songs helped me understand my feelings and accept what was going on, and after learning about the different situations of my friends, I wrote songs, some from their point of view, some from my own, to convey the way we saw the world with them. This time. There were bright moments of falling in love and new friendships, along with bad situations, depression, loneliness and confusion. My father and brother told me about a composer named Edward Elgar who composed “Mysterious Variations” in which each of the 14 songs was about one of his friends. That is what inspired me to create this album. When I recorded “Subtract” with Aaron Dessner, we started right away. We wrote and recorded songs non-stop, and from that collaboration, this album was born. I feel like he captured the feeling of autumn perfectly in his sounds, and I hope everyone loves him as much as I do.”

Here is the tracklist and coverAutumn variations“:

1. Magic


3. Amazing

4.Plastic bag

5. Blue

6. American Town

7. It’s my fault

8. Page

9. Midnight


11. Zest

12. When everything is fine with me

13. The day I was born

14. Head > Heels

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