Ed Sheeran has announced a new album, Autumn Variations.

It follows the British composer Elgar and the life of the singer-songwriter’s friends. Here is the album cover, release date, tracklist and spirit.

from Rolling Stone

After the mathematical signs of the seasons? Ed Sheeran has announced a new album. Has a name Autumn variations and will be released on September 29th. This is the cover:

“Last fall,” Sheeran says in the video, “I realized that my friends and I are going through a lot of changes. After the summer heat, everything calmed down, or calmed down, or collapsed, or reached its climax, or exploded. Songwriting helped me understand how I feel and accept what was happening to me when I went through a difficult time at the beginning of last year. When I found out about my friends’ situations, I wrote articles, some from their point of view, some from mine, to convey how we saw the world at that time. There were ups and downs, love and friendship, but there were also broken hearts, depression, loneliness, confusion.

“My father and brother told me about a composer named Edward Elgar. He is the author Puzzle options, in which each of the 14 compositions is dedicated to his friend. It inspired me to create my own album. When I signed up Subtract I got on well with Aaron Dessner right away. We wrote and recorded songs non-stop, and from that collaboration, this album was born. He perfectly captures the spirit of autumn through sound, and I hope everyone loves him as much as I do.”


1. Magic
3. Amazing
4.Plastic bag
5. Blue
6. American Town
7. It’s my fault
8. Page
9. Midnight
11. Zest
12. When everything is fine with me
13. The day I was born
14. Head > Heels

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