Ed Sheeran remembers smoking with Snoop Dogg

Ed Sheeran remembers smoking with Snoop Dogg

Ed Sheeran remembers smoking with Snoop Dogg

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No participation in the podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend”, Ed Sheeran remember or tell me that I smoke, but I can’t say anything less Snoop Dogg. After the singer’s performance or the defining moment, I’ll wait to witness the rapper perform in Melbourne, Australia with his wife. Cherry Seabornand his mother.

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Now the show, the band with Snoop is nos bastidores. About us Russell Crowe Tambem was present and was there when the story began. “I really don’t smoke”admits Sheeran.

We were lying in bed smoking cigar after cigar and I thought, “For a moment I was smoking like Snoop Dogg.”

Let’s drink some wine and talk to the rapper, and he understood the purpose of the evening. “Ele perguntou: ‘você quer um pouco?’ and I thought, “Now is now. We were holding a conversational buoy,” lembru or artist.

I walked in once when I was little and thought: “I’m not so bad. Isso is booming.” I smoked a little more, and a little more… I just looked at it and thought, ‘I’m not recommending anything right now.'”

According to Sheeran, this is an experience you’re not used to, which ensures you won’t be disappointed: “I would be disappointed if (Snoop) wasn’t happy.”




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