Ed Sheeran shows off 100 euro watch

when he’s not showing off Patek Philippe Nautilus custom ol’Audemars Piguet Royal oak exclusive edition, Ed Sheeran He is a true man of the people. The well-known British singer-songwriter’s taste for watches transcends any economic consideration, both up and down. she wore moonwatch from 260 euro omega And samples and equally supported convenient collaboration John Mayer Together g shock And hodinki, Now, the artist has been spotted wearing a version of Casio to G-Shock DW-6900Extremely convenient and available for less than 100 Euros.

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G-Shock DW-6900 This is probably the most recognizable model in the family g shock, This is the version preferred by celebrities of the caliber of Farrell, assistant teacher and about the man formerly known Kanye West in the 2000s 6900 It is also a coveted watch by companies looking for a partnership and many queue up for decades before being satisfied. list of subsequent names g-shock x Involved supreme, kid Cudi, Father, Mayor, stacy, bamford And wu tang clan,

Tara is not wearing a classic DW-6900, the clock seems to be related to cooperation supreme or for the version of FIFA World Cup, but it doesn’t match either of them exactly. In line with Sheeran’s distinctive style, the G-Shock in question appears to be another one-of-a-kind piece from the singer’s collection. South of the border, The bright yellow colored piece is a worthy addition to their stellar collection: the dial has a slight peach tint and is personalized with band artwork.

Sheeran seems to be very fond of the history of watches and their connection to pop culture. Buy the coolest collaborations, watch a special edition James Bond 007-themed talk show episode and clearly appreciate the G-Shock’s place as a pillar of watchmaking history. Above all, thank you for the retail price often less than 100 euroWithin reach of the portfolio is an example we can all follow.

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Jimmy Butler’s Epic x Jacobs & Co.

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Jimmy Butler It seems to appreciate everything 2000s related: I love Shameless nickelback and AI wants to play basketball winning the championship detroit pistons in 2004. His watch is also a throwback to that era. Jacobs, the streetwear jeweler, is an icon of the ’80s and outfitted almost every celebrity of that decade with his flamboyant timepieces. L’epic x Made to be shown off by Butler, especially the tourbillon at the center of the rose gold case.

Kevin Hart’s Patek Philippe 5961R

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patak philippe He was not going to do that and let everyone have fun with the jewels chronograph watches. This watch demonstrates that Patek decided to go with the trend: no iridescent sapphires. This is a more understated beauty: Rose gold case and Black dial with 36 Baguette diamond rings on the bezel. Kevin Hart Of course it tastes great.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Royal Oak Audemars Piguet

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rarely do better than AP With ceramic cases. The brand uses this super-strong, scratch-resistant material to create monochromatic watches in Smurf Blue and Snow White. clock of ibrahimovic This is the original: an all-black version of Royal Oak, Funeral hashtag for soccer star’s recently announced retirement.

Dwyane Wade’s Cartier Tank Must

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cartier Of Dwyane Wade This teaches us a really important lesson: Don’t neglect the leash. Once you have spent a few thousand dollars for your favorite timepiece, it is equally important to consider how you are going to make it fit on your wrist. tank Of lowered It’s a classic with the diamonds running down the side of the case, but it’s the matching blue strap I couldn’t do without.

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