Ed Sheeran still surprises fans and treats hot dogs before the concert – VIDEO

Busy with his Math Tour, the singer continues to surprise fans: after drinking beer and singing karaoke in Tennessee, he’s now serving hot dogs at a famous kiosk in Chicago.

Ed Sheeran continues to amaze fans. Last week, after a performance in Nashville, Tennessee (USA), he sang karaoke and drank beer at the Santa Claus pub: “It’s still the same place as when I lived here. How can you not love karaoke and cheap beer?” he wrote, accompanying the post. now, however, waiting for the stage Soldier’s field for his math tour, served hot dogs at Weiners Circle in Chicago. The exceptional event that excited fans took place on July 29th and was already announced earlier on the same newsstand. Laughing and heartfelt, the singer handed out classic American “sandwiches” to people who turned up in droves: an attitude that was “rejected”, as ironically the tweet shows:Our new student Ed Sheeran has a lot to learn, too correct and friendly. In fact, the iconic Lincoln Park restaurant is more known for its caustic staff and their verbal abuse of customers than for its food. “Today I served hot dogs at @wienerscircle. This place has become legendary in Chicago for serving hot dogs and insulting their customers. I like it“, – said the singer himself, posting a video in which he is captured at the counter.

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