Ed Sheeran Treats Fans to Hot Dogs at America’s Roughest Club

The ability to behave with customers, as we know, is a fundamental requirement for those who work in the restaurant world. Almost everywhere. Of course not in viennese circle From Chicago, a place specializing in hot dogs, where insults from the waiters, even severely, are not only the norm, but also a real hallmark of the establishment. A curious philosophy that nevertheless fascinates more and more people, including Ed Sheeran.

The British singer, who is on tour in the US last July 30, indulged in a few hours of pre-concert entertainment by serving dozens of hot dogs at crowd of cheering fans. The crowd that formed in the narrow space in front of the counter was barely contained by the owner of the establishment, who was distributing insults right and left. Ed Sheeran himself at times seemed surprised by the heat with which the woman turned to the regulars, who are looking forward to receiving a sandwich from the hands of their pet and an autographed autograph. The curtain was immortalized in a funny video shared by thousands of people on social media:This is our new student. reads the caption to the video posted by Wiener’s Circle. British boy named Ed Sheeran. He has a lot to learn, but apparently he has fans.”

For a pop star it definitely was way to spend a few minutes in an unusual way with his audience before going on stage and perhaps also ironically come to terms with an unhappy part of his past. Ed Sheeran has never made a secret of the fact that he had a difficult relationship with food in the early years of his career. The sudden success was the reason for the unbearable pressure that the singer poured, both on drugs and alcohol, and on “sugar, sweets and junk food“. A poisonous whirlwind, from which, fortunately, he seems to have come out with a smile on his lips.

August 8, 2023 07:19 AM – Updated August 8, 2023 07:20 AM

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