Eddy Mitchell in a fast food ad: the unusual images!


Like his best friend, Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell also advertised! The very first time was for a fast-food chain.

On January 21, the show “Stars of the pub” will be broadcast on Melody TV and it will honor a certain Eddy Mitchell! The opportunity to come back to a small advertising nugget. And for good reason, as Tele Loisirs reveals, before giving his voice to a Coca Cola ad, the American fanatic had recorded his very first advertisement for a fast-food chain.

“What a burger”

In the early 80s, the singer of the Black Socks began his career in the cinema. And this American culture enthusiast had melted into the decor of a diner to sell burgers. Sunglasses on the nose and leather jacket, he had brilliantly interpreted the song of the spot of “What a burger”.

And the lyrics have something to laugh about. They say, “This girl is great, she has it all figured out. When she sees that I’m hungry, she takes me here. From eleven in the morning until after midnight, I order a burger and I am served straight away. What a burger! So, my boy, you seem to be having a blast. We ate everything and we didn’t break the bank. There’s no point going anywhere else. Nobody does that like “What a burger “.

A perfect alliance between advertising and song, which must have given ideas to the Taulier, for its own spots. Indeed, Johnny was the face of Optic 2000, between 2002 and 2012. Fans had discovered the idol of young people (with his wife, Laeticia Hallyday) in several commercials that had become cult which had brought him big money. An advertising contract that had at the time been skillfully negotiated by his father-in-law, Andre Boudou.

Advertising icon

He had “made Johnny understand that it would bring him an income beyond his records, for 10 years” revealed the documentary “Laeticia Hallyday, the real story “, on W9. And he was not mistaken, since “Johnny Hallyday received 5 million euros over two years ” explained Cyril Hanouna in September 2020. To which Valerie Benaim had brought a note: “it brought in 20% of no more selling to the brand for 2 years “.