‘Edge of Tomorrow’ – Emily Blunt hopes sci-fi sequel starring Tom Cruise will be made

Currently in US theaters with Oppenheimer, Emily Blunt is back to talk about a possible Edge of Tomorrow sequel, showing she’s ready to return alongside Tom Cruise.

Emily Blunt – currently in US theaters with Oppenheimer – she returned to talking about her old project, Edge of Tomorrow – No Tomorrowabout which for many years there have been rumors about a possible continuation. Podcast host Happy sad embarrassedthe actress actually revealed that she read the script for the second chapter and was ready to return like Rita Vrataski.

‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Emily Blunt Will Return In A Potential Sequel

Acclaimed by audiences and critics since its debut in theaters in 2014, it has become a cult sci-fi cult over the years. Edge of Tomorrow it remained an isolated project that did not receive permission to make a sequel. Emily Blunthowever, he confessed to Josh Horowitz, a podcast host Happy sad embarrassed – What the script for a potential second chapter has already been developed from director Doug Liman:

There was a script that Doug (Liman) sort of tossed to me on the sly. I would love to do it, but I don’t know when or how. It also depends on how much Mission impossible wants to do Tom! Wasn’t he great as a cowardly hero? I’m ready to go back, I swear! I will not be the one who will interfere with the continuation.

Emily Bluntso would be ready to return to Edge of Tomorrow 2 . As the actress ironically recalls, the first chapter could also boast of having Tom Cruise as William Cage, a US Army Major with absolutely no combat experience who is embroiled in an epic battle with aliens and finds himself living the same day over and over again in a seemingly endless time loop. Cruz, however, is currently involved in the creation Mission: Impossible – The Wage of Death: Part Two, the latest chapter in the epic saga that made him the hero of an action movie, the shooting of which, however, is blocked by the SAG-AFTRA strike, which is currently ongoing. To guide the project we find then Christopher McQuarrieone of the authors of the first chapter Edge of Tomorrow – along with Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth. blunt – interviewed by Horowitz before the strike – is, as already mentioned, in American theaters with Oppenheimer and expected in three other feature films. Drama by David Yates will be released on Netflix in October. Payne Hustlerswith Chris Evans and Andy Garcia, with an action movie expected in 2024. Fallen guy di David Leitch – in which the star shares the set with Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor-Johnson – ed. IF extension, a comedy film directed by John Krasinski, in which the actress will voice. It remains only to wait for further updates on a potential sequel. Edge of Tomorrow.

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