Edge of Tomorrow: Emily Blunt is ready for a sequel

A few years ago we discovered that the script Sequel to “Edge of Tomorrow” was completed and that director Doug Liman hoped to film it after Mission: Impossible 8 when Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise were available again. But it’s been a long time since there’s been any updates on the project, and at the moment, the only person who seems to be really open to filming an Edge of Tomorrow sequel is the actress. Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise already exists Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part Two, an R-rated “gross” film, and then there’s a film project that will make it fly into space. Perhaps only after all this will he dedicate himself to Edge of Tomorrow.

Podcast host Happy sad embarrassedEmily Blunt was asked again about a sequel, and she replied: “I wish it would come true, but I don’t know when or how.” Then he added: “I am very ready. I’m not a hindrance. I swear”.

Matthew Robinson pitched a story that clearly appealed to the studio and wrote an initial draft of the script. Liman has previously stated that he enjoys the story of the sequel more than the story of the first film and explained that it will change the way sequels are made. He also said: “We will, if we really believe in it. We have a story that the three of us love, so we are working hard on the script.”

As for the plot, it was reported that it would pick up where the last film left off, but then go back in time. The director has already provided details in a previous interview, stating:

“I think people tend to make sequels just to make them bigger. And I say: “No, the sequel should be smaller.” You did the first movie as a kind of hype for the sequel so now you don’t need so much action and in the case of Edge of Tomorrow people clearly liked the comedy and the situation… so we can focus more on that. the character of Tom and Emily Blunt, and the sequel has a third character that is sure to steal the show. We can focus on this. I don’t need a sequence of actions every two minutes.”

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Blunt also spoke about the script: “It’s very promising and very, very beautiful. I just don’t know when it’s all going to work out, you know what I mean? With all our busy schedules, the timing must be right. But there’s definitely something in the works, it’s a great idea. Great idea.”

Maybe one day McQuarrie, Lyman and Cruz can find time for that to happen, but that window seems to be getting smaller every day.

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