Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt on Sequel: “We Need to Create Something Equally Ambitious” | Movie

Despite the general assessment of critics and the public of that time Edge of Tomorrow, a Doug Liman film with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt never had a sequel. Which has always left everyone a bit misaligned, also because over the years the feature film has also become a cult classic.

And that, according to Emily Blunt, prevented the emergence of Edge of Tomorrow 2, namely the difficulty of coming up with a film worthy of the first.

The actress explained in an interview:

Well, yes, I would like to make another one. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I would like to. I don’t know if my back can take it. The world was much more fun and glamorous, also because (Tom Cruise) was really great with me. We knew that I just needed to hold on and take on the challenge. Otherwise, I would have spent the entire movie wishing my costume was lighter. But it is not. But I loved the experience so much and would love to work with Doug (Liman) again. We have to create something as ambitious as the first film. How much more can we get from a repeating day? What could be the new narrative premise?

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SOURCE: Deadline via Screen Rant

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