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Edith Piaf of Romania, surprise meeting with Nicole Kidman. What she said about the great actress in the US (Exclusive)

Romania’s Edith Piaf had a surprise meeting with Nicole Kidman. What the famous popular music singer said about the great actress from the United States of America. The artist with a golden voice spoke exclusively for impact.ro about the period in which she played a figurative role in the famous film “Cold Mountain” which was filmed in Romania.

What Edith Piaf of Romania said about the surprise meeting with Nicole Kidman

Romania’s Edith Piaf, as the popular music singer Elena Pădure is called, was part of the cast of the film “Cold Mountain”, which was filmed in Romania. The Oscar-winning film in 2002 was shot in Zărnești, Brașov. Romania’s famous voice said she was impressed by the beauty of actress Nicole Kidman, whom she resembles a porcelain doll.

“When I first saw Jude Law, he was filming this movie. We came from those locker rooms, close to the American houses and the church in the same style of the 1800s: we met in those alleys, it was dirty and I thought: “Who else will this be, with torn clothes? We didn’t know the theme of the film and that’s why I was surprised and it didn’t even cross my mind, at first sight, who he is. Instead, Nicole Kidman looked so beautiful to me, with a porcelain complexion and skin! It was as if she was not from our world, but descended from another world. She was very beautiful, especially in that period costume “, Elena Pădure declared for impact.ro.

Edith Piaf from Romania played a figurative role in the famous film “Cold Mountain”

Elena Pădure went through difficult times last year, when she was the first folk singer to be diagnosed with the new coronavirus. The popular music singer claims that this experience strengthened her and, although she respects the measures to prevent the infection with the Sars-Cov-2 virus, she still remained with a slight fear. The soloist avoids crowded places and always wears a mask.

“It simply came to our notice then. There are still headaches, I who have never had a headache in my life. At the beginning of March, I should go for a lung check, although I didn’t need an oxygen mask then. After I had coronavirus, I was left with a cough, which works in the morning. ” said the artist for the quoted source.

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