Editor of Vannacci magazine, Rambo in Italy, words of the week

Let’s try to add some poetry to the numbers that determine online news success. Below are some of the week’s most popular facts, revised and corrected.

Mexico burns propaganda

While in Italy we suffer silently from the constant colonial propaganda of the sinister American powers, in Mexico some Christian groups were burning textbooks in an effort to impose gender ideology on children. Of course, burning books is not a good sight, but it is not necessary to read that minors are changing their gender due to watching TV series.

Editor of General Vannacci magazine

The one who raised his head on this issue in Italy, General Vannacci, found himself facing the barricades of the publishing system, until the historical publishing house “Il Cerchio” of Adolfo Morganti decided to distribute it in bookstores, and now the question moves to another level, will bookstores decide to distribute her, responding to numerous requests, or will the censorship, as it seems, continue?

Rambo in Puglia

We don’t know if the soldier Rambo knows about the adventures of General Vannacci, perhaps someone told him about them, given that he was in Apulia to receive honorary citizenship of the country of his father, Joy del Colle, curious and wonderful, like American stars . so attached to our roots that who knows if we will be able to send good food from here, underground, to this tree infected with politically correct ideology.

Woody Allen in Venice

And one of the greatest living directors chose Venice to present his latest film, an honor to which Italy responded with a huge crowd; it was a pity that about thirty Nazi feminists stood out for one of the terrible spectacles of censorship to which they were accustomed. besides, it’s always the male’s fault, the disease came here too, fortunately the pandemic is far away, long live Woody Allen.

Kanye West’s Erotic Turbulence

And speaking of Venice, in the era of social networks everyone followed the erotic turbulence of rapper Kanye West with his wife, who replaced Kim Kardashian, perhaps technically it was a crime, but Venice is traditionally the most dissolute city in history, this water was even more reflected in transgressive scenes, who knows why eros rises among the streets, perhaps it is the air of the lagoon.

Draghi against EU fine

And last but not least, Mario Draghi talks about “new rules and shared sovereignty”, reflections that resonate among the great palace games with which the European Union is looking for a way to its future, and who knows if it will ever return Someday our Europe will have sovereignty and have some significance on the world stage.

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