Edoardo Franco and the mullet cut, the Masterchef winner’s hairstyle that conquered everyone (even Barbieri): who is it right for?

Edoardo Franco won Masterchef 12 and as a “prize” he had to cut his hair. Arriving at the school of aspiring chefs on 15 December 2022, the Varese immediately made himself known for his skill, but also for his mullet haircut. Expansive and exuberant, just like his look that so impressed Bruno Barbieri, the ex-rider had promised the judge to cut his hair off if he won. No sooner said than done. So Thursday at the proclamation the judge with scissors in his hand shortened a lock of hair of the MasterChef of Italy. And it doesn’t end there. During the final the two met in Piazza Duomo in Milan on Saturday 4 March to finish the work. Edoardo was welcomed by a large crowd who awaited the arrival of the chef from Varese for the second act of the bet. The fans were expecting a clean cut, but Barbieri couldn’t overturn Edoardo’s (winning) look, so he just fixed up the frayed he had given two days ago. At the end of the cut, the former rider wanted to give Barbieri the dungarees that accompanied him during this edition.

Masterchef 12, the winner Edoardo Franco: «I won the bet and Barbieri cut my hair live»

Masterchef winner and his haircut

But what is the mullet cut chosen by Edoardo Franco?

Made famous by David Bowie in the 80s, adored for years by actors, pop and rock stars, sportsmen and more, the mullet cut sews a leading role among the hair trends of recent years. Other musicians and rock stars such as Rod Stewart, Keith Richards and Paul McCartney followed him in this. But it was only later with the success of series such as McGyver and its protagonist Richard Dean Anderson and thanks to stars such as Michael Bolton, Jane Fonda, Patti Smith, Phil Collins and Bono Vox that it had its maximum diffusion. For women and men, long and short, the mullet is the genderless cut par excellence: the bridge between the fashion of the 80s and that of the 21st century. It has the vibes of rock and modern geometries: scaled, indeed very scaled, short in front and on the sides and long in the back, the mullet must reach at least the neck. Baby bangs are her distinctive fringe: short and definitely unkempt.

The history of the mullet

It is written mullet and read mallet, in English it means “mullet”, but in Italy it is known above all as “capelli alla triglia”, with reference to the shape of the fins of the fish. The attribution of this particular name can be traced back to the Australian phrase looking like a stunned mullet (“look like a stunned mullet”). However, other sources indicate that the first time the term was used was in a 1994 song by the Beastie Boys, so much so that the following year it was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

You love it or hate it madly because what is certain is that the mullet cut has a character, and what a character. He began to be talked about in the 80s and is still trendy today. A hairstyle considered a crime for many hairdressers, but it remains to dominate catwalks and glossy covers.

The stars who have chosen it

In 2020 it is Miley Cyrus who has relaunched fashion, followed by Kristen Stewart, singer Billie Eilish, Zac Efron and Ursula Corbero. Better known as Tokyo, from the name of her character in the House of Paper series, Úrsula is undoubtedly the celebrity who has chosen the mullet hair in many different versions.The Italian singer Achille Lauro chooses him at the Sanremo Festival 2021 and even Thomas Raggi and Damiano David (of the Maneskin) give in to the super scaled charm. Retro soul but with a personal and unique note also in 2023 the mullet dominates. Crossing all lengths and textures, the mullet manages to enhance every face by playing with dimensions.

Very true, the previews: from Fisichella to Sean Kanan, all Silvia Toffanin’s guests of today 4 March

Who is the mullet good for

The mullet cut for those who look good? The Mullet, according to experts, in men it best suits the rectangular and triangular face with defined features. Worn with bangs or a long tuft, it also helps to draw attention away from prominent cheekbones and a big nose. For women with a rebellious soul, the heart face, square face and oval face are the most suitable for sporting this cut. Surely the round face is the least suitable for wearing this hairstyle. If worn with a long tuft and a wavy and disheveled styling it helps to harmonize the angularity of the face. The fringe, of different lengths but above all irregular, is perfect for covering the wide forehead.

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