Edomex reduced by 50% Mexibús and Mexicable by Covid-19; extends hoy No Circula for all


The governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Mazaannounced that from tomorrow it will be mandatory the use of face cloths and it’s going to operate the 50% of its capacity, the Mexibús, Mexicable and transport concession, as part of the strengthening of the measures to the declaration of Phase 3 by the health emergency.

In a message through the social networks, added that in coordination with the Mexico city defined the application of the Hoy no circula in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico and the Valley of Toluca, for all holograms, including the 0 and 00.

He emphasized that the use of face cloths will be required to leave the house and use the public transport, while you should restrict all non-essential activities, otherwise it will apply fines and sanctions to companies in breach, that is to say, they should suspend activities of all businesses dedicated to a function other than the sale of food, medicines and articles of first necessity.

“The implementation of these measures at the local level must be strengthened by municipal governments, who appreciate the support to monitor its strict enforcement,” he said.

Del Mazo Maza stressed the importance of reducing mobility in the streets of all the municipalities because this is the stage “more difficult” of the pandemic, so that the stay at home you should be all the time and leave only to buy food, medicine and articles of first necessity.

He thanked the mexiquenses the effort they are making by reducing mobility and to remain in their homes, because “I know that pause our activities requires a lot of effort, a great sacrifice, but this effort is so important, it is the only way to reduce the number of infections and be able to confront this pandemic,” he said.


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