Eduardo Santamarina confesses that he had COVID-19, like Itatí Cantoral and his children

The actor revealed that fortunately, he did not suffer from the symptoms of the disease

New names of celebrities who unfortunately suffer from Coronavirus are released daily and another celebrity who joins the list of infections is Eduardo Santamarina, who confessed that he was also a carrier of the virus several weeks ago.

During an interview with the morning program, ‘Sale el Sol’, the 52-year-old actor revealed that two months ago he tested positive for COVID-19, a disease that fortunately, his wife, also actress Mayrín Villanueva and their children have been kept safe.

“ They had Eduardo and Roberto, those who are still in a white balance to this day, Mayrín, Sebastián, Romina and Julio. It already gave me, I already had COVID about two months ago more or less, “he confessed.

Fortunately for the actor, he did not suffer from the symptoms of the disease, so he only remained in quarantine for a few days with no consequences to regret:

“ I was practically asymptomatic, I did not have any symptoms, within that I did very well. My immune system is doing great and taking care of it with food, “he said.

Recall that a few weeks ago, it was announced that Itatí Cantoral tested positive for Coronavirus, as did her children Eduardo and Roberto, however, this Friday the actress made it known through the stories of her official Instagram account that she already she is completely free of the virus, so he returned to the recordings of the telenovela ‘La Mexicana y el Güero’, which he currently stars with Juan Soler.


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