Eduin Caz reveals shocking details about his health; ‘We beat cancer!’ celebrates his brother

The musician refused to share such information because he did not want to be pitied.

In the past few months, Edwin Katz Since the musician was involved in various scandals in the family, medical and even professional spheres, it remained in the public eye, so he took on the task of starting to limit such activities a little. More. He tried to be more cautious about the information he shared with fans on social networks.

Regarding his health, there have been reports from last year that the interpreter is suffering from illness hiatal herniathe same singer despite his doctor’s advice to give up overeating and follow a healthy diet firm group “It’s worth it,” he insisted, so he ignored the experts.

It’s more serious than he thought

At a recent concert, the artist dared to open up to the audience, making a confession that left the audience stunned, explaining the consequences of certain bad habits on their health.

“Hatal hernia, it gets complicated, it gets complicated, it gets complicated, it works for me v*rga, do I need to explain? It deserves v*rga. So, it becomes Barrett esophagus, and Barrett’s esophagus turned cancerous,” he explained.

Given the public’s reaction, the artist stressed when he was notified on November 4 that he too was “cold.”However, this time did not stand by And he started acting, so after the end of the tour at the end of last year, he was willing to do everything to improve his health.

Let us remember that it was at the end of December and the beginning of January that the musician underwent two operations, the first for sinusitis and the second for sinusitis. hiatal herniafor which he now thanks his doctor for helping him with his problems.

“I never said that because I don’t like to be seen as ‘oh poor thing’, no, no, but I just did a study and I’m screwed, so…”, concluded the artist, while Jonny Katz ended with chants of “We beat cancer!”

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