Eighty years of Robert De Niro: from partnership with Scorsese to his best masterpieces

He told me years ago Stefano De Sando, today official italian voice Robert DeNiro: “Nothing has ever scared me more than the need to replace the voice Ferruccio Amendola. It’s impossible to get distracted, one mistake in facial expression and you’re fried.” And De Niro’s game is based on expressionsis itself an expression.

Except Casino where, oddly enough, the voice gives it to him Gigi Proietti AND Mission with early evidence of years of De Sando (who also looks a bit like De Niro…), as well as some other very rare exceptions, the great Amendola until his death in 2001 was De Niro, who today is officially in the octogenarian club.

Incredibly, the actor lived for many years very close to the home of Scorsese, the director who would make him a star, and one of his fetish actors: they lived a few blocks away in the Greenwich Village area. Manhattan and in Little Italy, where De Niro was nicknamed Bobby Milk because of his milky white complexion. They were only introduced to each other at a party in 1972 (De Niro was 29 and Scorsese was 30). They knew each other, of course, but they never spoke. And this party got lucky: The De Niro and Scorsese couple had one of the partnerships more effective from the history of cinema.

Big friend John BelushiDe Niro was one of the last people to see him alive (they met at a party where Robin Williams was also): it was at 3 am on March 5, 1982, just before the speed bull with cocaine and heroin killed Belushi. De Niro was already famous, in the same year he made a wonderful film with Scorsese King for the night, but the trauma caused by the death of his friend John will drag him down forever. Eight years ago he left Godfather Coppola, who dedicated a lot to De Niro: he spent four months learn the Sicilian dialect (my paternal grandparents were indeed Italian, but from Ferrazzano, in Molise). He was awarded an Oscar as Marlon Brando and the two are the only actors to win an Academy Award for portraying the same character.

Robert’s childhood was not very simple: his mother, Virginia Admiral, was a poetess with an admixture of European origin; the father, of Italian-Irish descent, was named Robert, as was his son, and he was an abstract expressionist painter. His parents separated after coming outside father about his homosexuality.

At the age of 10, Robert began his acting career, playing the cowardly lion in a local production. Wizard of Oz, but after dropping out of school, he joins a street gang. Among other things, to continue the theme of fatal encounters, it is De Niro who introduces Scorsese Leo DiCaprio whom he knows in ’93 when he was working on Wanna start over Michael Caton-Jones, a film that, in a sense, follows Alice doesn’t live here anymore Scorsese, but using him as a protagonist Ellen Barkin. And so another star was born: Leo DiCaprio. Titanicwho is 19 years old and plays Barkin’s son who is bullied by De Niro.

Often accused of stinginess Alberto Sordi (baseless accusations?), many LA taxi drivers still nicknamed De Niro ‘without money’given the paucity of advice offered. His exceptional skill is undeniable, although some critics sometimes consider his performance too theatrical. But anyway, in Stephen Jay Schneider’s list of 1001 “movies to watch before you die” De Niro is the most popular actor: in the list of 14 films, including 6 Scorsese: bad streets (’73) Scorsese; The Godfather – Part II (’74) Coppola; Taxi driver Scorsese and twentieth century From Bertolucci (’76); Hunter Cimino (’78); wild bull Scorsese (’80), where he identifies so strongly with Jack LaMotta break, albeit by accident, a sparring partner’s rib Joe Fish; King for the night Scorsese (’82) starring Jerry Lewis being tormented by failed comedian Pupkin (De Niro); Once upon time in America Leone (’84) with soundtrack Morricone among the most prominent in the history of cinema; Brazil (’85, Gilliam, where De Niro would like Michael Palin to play Jack Lint); Untouchables (’87) De Palma, in which De Niro, perhaps more than in any of his other films, is a picturesque Al Capone; These good guys (’90) Scorsese, where he wins an Oscar, however, as supporting actor Joe Pesci; Casino (’95), Scorsese, Next to Gorgeous Sharon Stone; Heat – Mann’s Challenge (’95), which marks the meeting of two sacred monsters, Pacino and De Niro, in one film (in The Godfather, part two. they never had a scene together), here instead there is a symbolic clash of the titans with a frame-reverse shot, when the two are sitting at the table facing each other … ; I present my (2000) Roach, where we find, with two sequels, a late De Niro style. comedy which, in my opinion, definitely does not give the best result.

As far as I understand, the elevated levels Hunter and from Taxi driver I unattainable, though De Niro said, “Some people say drama is easy and comedy is hard. This is not true. I’ve been making comedies for the last couple of years, and that’s good. When you do drama you fuck all day to death the guy with the hammer or whatever. Or you will have to bite off someone’s face. On the other hand, when you scold comedy Billy Crystal for an hour and go home.

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