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Erin Patterson has denied to the media that she murdered her ex-husband.Photo: Herald Sun/BBC Composite

Accident or murder? A woman has been charged with poisoning after preparing lunch for her family at her home last Saturday (July 29). victory, the South Australia. its about Erin Patterson (48) Who to meet and eat with University Teachers and Gail Pattersontheir ex-husbands, and heather and Ian Wilkinsonher mother-in-law’s sister and husband.

in accordance with sky newsthe victim fell ill after eating Amanita mushrooms, Fungi that are extremely deadly to humans because their toxins act on organs such as the liver and kidneys. An elderly man was taken to a medical center after developing symptoms resembling gastroenteritis due to ingestion of the substance. A week later, the Patterson family died, along with Heather, while Ian was critically injured in intensive care.

As far as Australian authorities are concerned, they have already shown suspicion, as neither Eileen nor her children were drunk after lunch. In addition, a source close to the Paterson family told the Herald Sun that the defendant’s ex-husband Simon “suspected” that she was trying to poison him.

In this sense, last year, the subject recounted how he almost died from an unknown intestinal disease. “My family has been called twice to come and say goodbye to me because I don’t expect to survive,” she wrote in a June 2022 Facebook post.

at present, Erin Patterson He will remain free pending an investigation. In a statement to the media, he denied his guilt: “I did nothing. I loved them, but I was devastated by their loss. Gail was like the mother I didn’t have. Ian and Heather were my Nicest people ever. They never did anything wrong to me,” he said.

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