Eiza González and Sofía Castro Show Off Their Topless Bodies From the Same Pool and With the Same Pose

Eiza Gonzalez.

The Mexican actresses decided to take advantage of the weekend to tan their sculptural silhouette from the same stage, with the same pose and using a garment of the same color.

The close friendship that has existed for several years between Eiza González and Sofía Castro became relevant again this weekend, as they decided to enjoy themselves under the sun and with the company of several friends in common; They considered the perfect occasion to show off their spectacular anatomy without their bikini top and with the same pose on the edge of the same pool.

The images that were shared on their respective social networks were responsible for stealing thousands of looks from celebrities and fans, who did not hesitate to share compliments to the beautiful Mexican actresses.

The first to expose the spectacular shot through Instagram was the daughter of the former First Lady of Mexico Angélica Rivera, who accompanied the seductive image only with the word ” Domingo “, where she managed to accumulate more than 30 thousand red hearts as a sign of approval, in addition to a series of messages in which they highlighted, she is more beautiful every day.


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Wearing a tiny orange bikini, lying on her stomach and naked from the waist up, it was as the star of ‘The Dragon’ posed under the rays of the sun.

While Eiza González decided to tan her sculptural silhouette from the same stage, with the same pose and using a garment of the same color, but unlike her friend, she opted to show off her angelic face in which she reflected absolute serenity with the sea in the background.

Although the postcard was only published in the stories of her official Instagram account, it was quickly taken up by a large number of fans, who consider she is one of the most talented and beautiful Mexican women today.


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