El Conde (2023) Pablo Larraina


Augusto Pinochet is not actually dead. The Chilean dictator, in fact, has always been a vampire and has survived to this day. But 250 years later, Pinochet begins to feel the weight of the years he has lived and the atrocities he has committed, and therefore decides to really die once and for all.


International poster for El Conde by Pablo Larrain.


Original name: El Conde
Director: Pablo Larrain
Country/year: Chile / 2023
Type: Comedy
Throw: Alfredo Castro, Paula Luchsinger, Gloria Munchmeier, Jaime Wadell
Screenplay: Pablo Larrain, Guillermo Calderon
Photo: Edward Lachman
Assembly: Sofia Subercaso
Director: Juan de Dios Larrain
Production house: fable
Distribution: Netflix

Release date: 09/15/2023


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