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“We all realized that there were things that we could not do, or that they told us that we could not do them and it was a lie, or that he had never been in plan for those things. We went from saying ‘what the fuck … . We do with the music? ‘”. Confession of Lucio, “El Indio” Rojas it is similar to that of all the artists who had to reinvent themselves during the pandemic. A few days after going on stage at the National Theater, where will be presented on December 9 in what will be his return to Buenos Aires after a long absence, the folklorist chatted exclusively with

Along with his brothers and more artists, El Indio is part of the renewal of folklore, which maintains the Creole essence, vernacular and analog in many ways, but knows that you have to adapt not only to survive, but to continue growing.

This is what happened to him in these hard times and this is how he tells it: “Streaming appeared, we did a couple and it was nice, and I decided to put into practice social networks, digital platforms, which had to be studied. I started looking around it and I found wonderful tools. For me, streaming is here to stay, it is a world ticket office. And we have strengthened the content on the platforms, which we had never given a ball to “.

“I put something I believed to the test with some shows when we opened the virtual box office, where we sell tickets for our concerts. I began to realize where my music is most consumed, to which city I had to go to row it, things that I didn’t before you knew until you arrived. It prepares you better. There are places that have strengthened. It amazes me how they consumed my music in a pandemic. I had songs with 50,000 reproductions. And now some have reached a million “he explains with amazement and joy.

El Indio Rojas, with many shows ahead (Nahuel Ventura / Diario Crónica).

El Indio Rojas, with many shows ahead (Nahuel Ventura / Diario Crónica).

“That also helps you because you know which songs people like the most, and you are also looking for something similar”, Reflect on what was said. His vision can be controversial for some, since in music and art in general, trying to keep the artistic fact pure, it is not usually spoken of “what people want”, because there seems to be a unilateral relationship between the idol that offers and the public that accepts.

In this regard, Rojas maintains: “I am convinced that, although you always try to look for things that you like, I feel that you also have to give people what they want to hear from me. For example, I put together a repertoire and in the middle People start asking me for a chacarera and I forget the repertoire; I start giving them 200 chacareras and people dance. You can’t put it aside. “

“It has also happened to me that I took songs that I had been playing for a long time. And the end of the show comes and they ask you. You have to sing them! see you want to hear it? “, exclaims.

Getting friendly with technology is not just a matter of networks. For Lucio, audiovisuals are very important in his shows, something that for more traditional artists can be shocking. “We always gave importance to the visual from the stage, putting dancers, doing choreography. But we realized that the image and the lights strengthened everything that was happening in the show. There was a moment when, instead of being five dancers, we were 50 “.

“Those things are beautiful when you see what you achieved. In one of the songs we projected a video in which you see a giant carob tree, and it gives you that feeling of a patio full of earth, of being in the shade of the tree”, ended.

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