El Muerto movie with Bad Bunny removed from Sony’s schedule

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el muerto It is part of a group of films that set out to tell the origins of Spider-Man’s most feared antagonists, although not included in his later feature films. So, after Venom and its sequel, Morbius and the next Kraven the Hunter, a take on the Mexican wrestler had to be added.

However, the tables seem to have turned, as Sony Pictures said they have removed el muerto From the schedule of his upcoming release, last Wednesday.

The studio originally planned to make a film about anti-Latin Will be released in theaters on 12 January 2024However, the most recent news confirms that he will be replaced by book of clarenceFilm directed by James Samuel with LaKeith Stanfield.

Last October both Marvel and Sony He hired director Jonas Cuarón to helm the film.It will star the famous rapper Bad Bunny in the title role, the son of a luchador who has inherited mysterious ancestral powers.

This time time limit Will try to contact the production company to get more details about the cancellation of the project. However, if the cancellation of what could have been a flop on the one hand can be reassuring on the other cast a dark shadow over the future of this strange universeIn which Spider-Man’s antagonist has to go bad without choosing the person concerned.

Waiting to know more, we leave you the review of Morbius, The last birth of this unusual shared universe, By the way, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer for Kraven the Hunter.

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