El Muerto, the Spider-Man spin-off loses its release date in the Sony calendar

The Spider-Man spin-off El Muerto with Bad Bunny is no longer on the calendar of upcoming Sony releases. Why?

universe of Spider Man woven from marvel and sony have to do without el muertoat least for now. spin-off film The film about one of Spider-Man’s popular anti-heroes has missed its originally intended release date. as reports ewSony has announced their new schedule and it looks like the date originally given to El Muerto has moved to another film (book of clarence to be precise). What it would mean for a Spider-Man spin-off starring bad rabbit,

El Muerto, The Spider-Man Spin-Off Loses Its Release Date: Now What?

Initially, El Muerto had a set release date. January 12, 2024a date that Sony then set with another project, The Book of Clarence lakeith stanfield and directed by James Samuel, and that’s not all. Not only has it missed its release date, but it looks like the Bad Bunny-starring film has been shelved, at least for the time being. sony calendar, But the last word has not yet been said. as reports EWThere’s still hope for El Muerto fans, as it appears project still in progress, The first live-action Marvel movie to be led by a Latino hero is still in development, but the latter has been severely slowed down and punished writers strike Still going on in Hollywood. And that’s not the only reason that prompted Sony to reevaluate programming: The busy tour of rapper protagonist, Bad Bunny, is also having an effect. By combining these two strong components, El Muerto has had to re-evaluate its cinema launch, which at this stage no longer has a release date.

Of the rest, Sony has not yet revealed the plot related details of the project directed by jonas cuarón, The hero we know from Marvel Comics Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez well said el muerto is a anti Hero One who descends from a long line of fighters and assumes the form of superpowers by wearing a special mask on his face. To avenge his father’s death, he challenges a wrestling champion el dorado and finds himself embroiled in a ring duel against Spider-Man before joining forces to defeat El Dorado. El Muerto will be only the latest of many projects aimed at expanding Sony’s Spider-Verse, which in addition to being able to count on starring the Spider-Man trilogy so far tom hollandalso includes poison (with a third film in the works), morbius, madam web and most recent raven – hunter,

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