El Muerto, the Spider-Man spin-off, may have been cancelled.

Movie El MuertoSony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe spin-off has likely been shelved by a major, it has emerged in the last few hours.

Last year Sony announced the development El Muerto, a curious Spider-Man spin-off focusing on the eponymous (and unknown) fighter who is Peter Parker’s nemesis. Starring rapper Bad Bunny as El Muerto, the film is scheduled for a January 2024 release date.

It’s clearly impossible to meet the date, and in general the film has long disappeared from Sony’s release calendar. The explanation is now clear: El Muertounless there are drastic changes it won’t be done.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the rapper was asked to provide some news about the comic book movie. After “an awkward silence”the rapper and actor simply admitted that he doesn’t know anything else about the film, and that “obviously he went”. Thus, Bad Bunny’s words seem like a death sentence, since Sony has decided to abandon production El Muerto.

Spider-Man 4 – Updates

Spider-Man 4 was officially confirmed in early June, but the film is currently on hold due to the writers’ strike. Tom Holland and Zendaya will return to the cast.

Talking about Spider-Man 4Tom Holland said he hopes to appear Daredevil on the occasion of the release of the new film in the franchise, as well as Vincent D’Onofrio, whom he plays in the MCU A thief in lawexpressed his desire to one day be a part of one of the Spider-Man films, reviving one of the most famous rivalries in comic book history between the two characters.

Filming, according to previous data, should start at the end of the year, but a joint strike of writers and actors will certainly change some of the major’s plans.

Among the products being developed by SSU we also find Kraven the Hunter (postponed to 2024), Madame Web AND Silk: The Spider Societythe first television series in the franchise, along with the aforementioned untitled Amazon Spider-Man Noir series.


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