El Pulga, a beautiful pipe and helps River

The Flea Rodriguez He is one of the most skilled players that Argentine soccer has. And one of the resources that comes out the best is the pipe. It was suffered by the referees in the draw prior to the start of the matches and also by rivals on the field of play. This Tuesday before Workshops, the tucumano played a great game, he made a nice goal and was dispatched with a beautiful tunnel. To see it a thousand times.

The lujito’s action was 43 minutes into the second half, with the match 4-2 in favor of Lobo de Pipo Gorosito. The native of Simoca received the ball in the central circle of the court and with the control of the right he made the ball pass between the legs of Diego García, midfielder of the Cacique Medina team. Beautiful spout!


Although he said that since he was a boy he has been a Boca fan, Flea and Gymnastics left the title to River de Gallardo served. Of course, the Millionaire now reaches a local draw on Thursday against Racing to give the Olympic return at the Monumental … And after the 5-2 win in the Forest, the Tucuman spoke of the favor he did to Núñez’s team .

“They are leaving me out of the photo of the triumph“He joked before starting with his statements. And before he began to speak after the triumph against Talleres, he did what he did best: he also threw a pipe at the cameraman with a bottle.

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I had to give River a hand. But one converts for Gymnastics and celebrates the goals for Gymnastics. You have to be calm and keep improving. This has to be the team’s floor and continue to improve to meet the objectives, “the great figure of the balloon told ESPN.

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In addition, he analyzed the great performance of his team: “We found the goal quickly but we knew it was going to be a very difficult game, that they are a very intense team. I think that after the goal it became a little more bearable. I think in In general, we played a great game and I think that’s why this result came about. “

El Pulga Rodríguez and all Gimnasia celebrate the 1-0 of Carbonero (Fotobaires).

El Pulga Rodríguez and all Gimnasia celebrate the 1-0 of Carbonero (Fotobaires).

He also explained why he did not kick the two penalties that GELP had against the T. “El Bochi (Licht) asked me and also Brahian (German), who is needing to score goals. And I had already had to make one. This is a group where we all pull to the same side and it doesn’t matter who scores the goals, the important thing is to celebrate“.

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