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El Salvador elders will receive dental care thanks to donations in bitcoin

Key facts:
  • So far, 50% of the goal has been reached, with almost 0.5 bitcoins collected.

  • Diente El Zonte is the only dental clinic in that Salvadoran coastal town.

Payment company BTCPay launches fundraising campaign «Bitcoin Smiles»(Bitcoin and smiles) in El Salvador. The objective is to raise at least 1 bitcoin (BTC) to finance dental treatments for the elderly in that Central American nation.

“Let’s make people smile!” Says BTCPay on its account Twitter, by way of invitation to participate in the solidarity campaign.

At the time of writing this article almost half of the bitcoin that is set as a goal has been achieved. 280 contributors have donated a total of 0.49 BTC, which is equivalent to almost $ 22,400, according to the CryptoNews Price Calculator.

To donate to this cause, it is necessary to enter the website bitcoinsmiles.org. The donation is anonymous and can be made via the main Bitcoin network or via the Lightning network for micropayments.

Amounts, expressed in fiat money, between USD 5 and USD 10,000 can be donated. Too there is a button to donate 1 whole bitcoin.

Those who donate amounts greater than USD 1,000 may, if they wish, leave their name registered publicly on the website. That was what, for example, the developer Cobra, and companies like OKCoin, Wallet of Satoshi and Blockstream, among others, did.

As of this writing, 0.49 BTC was raised in this solidarity campaign. Source: bitcoinsmiles.org

Donations will be delivered to Enrique Berrios, who is the only dentist in the town of El Zonte, which is where the Bitcoin Beach project takes place. The town is 50 kilometers from the country’s capital, San Salvador.

The funds raised will provide free checkups, dentures and critical care for up to 50 people in need. “Weekly, [la clínica de Berrios] Tooth Zonte will send Bitcoin Smiles a full invoice to be paid immediately, ”reports BTCPay.

In case the amount collected exceeds 1 BTC, it will be donated to Enrique portable equipment and supplies so that it can also reach patients in isolated rural areas.

To deliver the money to Berrios, there will be no need to convert the BTC to dollars or another fiat currency since, as this media has reported, bitcoin will be legal tender in El Salvador since September.

“I want to continue helping to change your reality,” says dentist Berrios

The Bitcoin Smiles website describes Berrios’ clinic as “a 6 by 4 meter room on a ranch, in the middle of a tropical jungle.” They report that the enclosure has the basic materials such as dental chair, X-ray lamp and suction machines. In addition, they have recently added a fiber optic Internet connection. The supply of drinking water in that region of El Salvador is scarce.

The dentist Enrique Berrios has the basic supplies to practice his profession in the Salvadoran town of El Zonte. Source: bitcoinsmiles.org

Enrique, who is Salvadoran, came to El Zonte 17 years ago for an internship and, after graduating as a dentist, decided to open his clinic there.

“Throughout all these years, I have been immersed in a reality where lack of education, health problems and, at times, little or no access to basic needs – water, electricity, money, a job forms, or, worse still, access to health – are profound. I want to continue helping to change their reality and improve the life and health of these forgotten communities.

Enrique Berrios, dentist and founder of the Diente Zonte clinic, El Salvador.

Tammy Sewell is our Writer and Social at OICanadian.com. Tammy loves sports, she writes our celebrities news. She spends time browsing through several celebs news sources as well the Instagram. Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 513-209-1700

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