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Elden Ring Will Have Few Mandatory Bosses, All Others Can Be Avoided or Ignored

After a long, grueling period of blackoutElden Ring is finally back in the spotlight to the delight of her fans. The new FromSoftware project is no longer hidden under the veils of mystery and now we can admire its novelties, changes, and unexpected modifications.

Obviously, players who have already devoured the Dark Souls trilogy, Sekiro and Bloodborne, want to know only one thing: how hard will Elden Ring be?

Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki wanted to answer this question in an interview on Famitsu, also revealing a small detail that will significantly change the classic formula of souls-like From Software.

First of all, Miyazaki has confirmed that the general difficulty of the adventure will be on the levels of Dark Souls III and will not reach the arduous levels of Sekiro or Bloodborne, to ensure a minimum of accessibility even to the less experienced. Of course, the title won’t be a walk in the park.

In this regard, the director has ensured that the bosses in the game will be some of the most difficult ever seen in one of FromSoftware’s souls-like, but this time there is a twist: only a limited number of bosses will be required to be defeated in order to continue. in the story, while all the others, which can be faced without a fixed order thanks to the more “open-world” nature of Elden Ring, will be easily avoidable, if not even completely ignorable.

A player will be able to decide in full freedom whether to face only the mandatory bosses to get to the final immediately, with the risk of finding himself with low statistics and without important equipment, or whether to strengthen himself to the maximum by facing all the available challenges.

An unexpected direction for FromSoftware’s new souls like: what will seasoned players think?

Elden Ring will be available starting next January 21, 2022, on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, and PS5.

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