Elections in Chile: the apparent paradox between Kast’s success in the first round and those who voted for a new Constitution

  • Fernanda Paul
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Jose Antonio Kast

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José Antonio Kast, a radical right candidate, managed to obtain 27.91% support in the Chilean presidential elections.

Many questions remained in the air after the agitated Chilean electoral day.

One of them is how it is explained that the candidate with the greatest support in this first round (27.91% of the votes) has been the right-wing Jose Antonio Kast at a time when, supposedly, Chile had been turning to the left with an ongoing constituent process triggered by the social outbreak of October 2019.

During the protests, a change was demanded to the prevailing neoliberal system in Chile, demanding reforms in the areas of pensions, health and education, among others.

As a way out of the crisis, it was agreed change the Constitution created under the de facto government of Augusto Pinochet, which was ratified in a plebiscite where he won the “approval” by an overwhelming 78%.

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