Elektra Lamborghini in crystal bodysuit and fishnet stockings (but then she realizes they have holes in them)

“Yes, I tore my sock a second before going on stage,” admitted Elettra Lamborghini, speaking about her last concert.

Elettra Lamborghini in Cristoforo Vizzini

Elettra Lamborghini in Cristoforo Vizzini

It goes on relentlesslyElettraton Tour by Elettra Lamborghini, which carries songs from the new album around Italy. For the queen of twerk, it’s a summer full of music, doing what she loves most: performing on stage for her fans. For them, she organized a series of concerts with attention to every detail and worked hard to be in perfect shape. There were some shortcomings. At the Sammichele music festival in Bari, a member of the audience threw a bottle of water at her, and she responded by scolding the perpetrator of the dangerous act. Then came a much more innocuous incident in Golfo Aranci, in a style that the singer herself joked and made fun of, in Elettra’s perfect style.

Elettra Lamborghini shines in black

Elettra Lamborghini closed the Risate Sonore festival in Golfo Aranci, making the audience sing and dance to her music. For Twerking Queen, this was the eighth leg of the tour, with which she will travel around Italy for several more concerts. Concert after concert, she shows on stage sexy creations created for her by fashion designer Cristoforo Vizzini (the same one who took care of last year’s looks). Behind this is also the work of stylist Nicolo Grossi.

This year the leitmotif is the swimsuit, but offered night after night is always in different models, with different details and clearly changing from one color to another: blue, lilac, red, green. The singer flaunts them on stage! At Golfo Aranci, she focused on timeless black: crystal-encrusted thongs paired with fishnet gloves and stockings. The latter played a cruel joke with her …

Elettra Lamborghini in Florence: she performs in a fringed thong bodysuit

Elettra Lamborghini performs with broken stockings

L’crash style it can happen to anyone and at any time, obviously, whenever you least expect it! The secret is to know how to get through it with ease without making a fuss, perhaps solving it in a short amount of time if possible. He knows it well Jenna Ortega, who was walking down the red carpet in a dress she had just accidentally soiled. Or Zendaya: the dress she chose for the gala evening was lost, and she had to resort to another. To Elettra Lamborghini stockings torn right before going on stage, when it was too late to change anything. She has spoken out about social media inconvenience herself, with the always-joking spirit that sets her apart and makes her a crowd favorite. In some frames, the hole in the stockings is barely visible, and she immediately clarified: “Yes, I tore my sock a second before going on stage.“.

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