Elettra Lamborghini hit with a water bottle during a concert, the singer stopped the show

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Moments of anxiety for Elettra Lamborghini, who was hit with a water bottle during the last concert in Sammichele di Bari. The person responsible for this gesture was immediately removed by security and the singer continued her show. That’s what happened

Elettra Lamborghini gets hit during a concert and goes berserk: “It’s dangerous.”

The accident with Elettra Lamborghini, who last night, August 4, 2023, hit with a water bottle that a fan threw at her during a concert. After Eiffell 65, Gaia and Rhove Elettra, Lamborghini also made a stop at the Sammichele Music Festival with their Elettraton Tour.

The unfortunate incident occurred just at the moment when the singer performed on stage with one of her successful hits. In the last period, throw objects for singers during their performances seems to have become a dangerous trend. On several occasions, this stunt has come at a cost to some artists who have had to undergo medical treatment, as in the case of Bebe Rexha, who received several stitches after being hit in the eye by a phone.

It is for this reason that when a drunken boy tried to hit her with a water bottle, Elettra Lamborghini went on a rampage, stopping the concert. With the support of the public, the queen of twerk criticized the perpetrator of this gesture, explaining that throwing objects on stage could become very dangerous for artists.

Elettra Lamborghini’s reaction

A bottle of water thrown onto the stage hit Elettra Lamborghini, who, alarmed by what had happened, decided to respond in kind. Having stopped the concert, the singer addressed the audience and the boy with the words:

Where is this cuckold? I’ll hit you on the head with a bottle of water, see if you like it, okay? If you have a friend * and I’m sorry, then why you can hurt me. You are drunk? I don’t care if you’ve been drinking don’t come here because another singer got a breast problem and had to cancel all her tours. Look, it’s dangerous, guys.”

Elettra Lamborghini then continued her outburst by saying:

“I don’t care how it turned out, but you can’t throw things here. I don’t need your water! You give it to your friend. But then I say, but of all you have to do, if you have to pour water on me, don’t come here. Or I’m wrong? Come on, what’s the difference, the main thing is to return them to their place. These things are really dangerous. And now we will continue with Caramel. Just let it outwhat you never know.”

After asking security to remove the young admirer, Elettra Lamborghini continued the concert with one of her successful hits “Caramel”.

In any case, it looks like the dangerous “fashion” of throwing objects at pop stars has also made its way to Italy. For several months this has also been discussed in the US, where Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, Harry Styles and even Cardi B. But the latter reacted to the fan in an unexpected way. That’s what he did.

Cardi B threw a microphone at a fan who poured beer on her

Not all artists reacted the same way to throwing objects by the audience during concerts. A few days ago, American singer Cardi B lashed out at a fan who threw a drink at her on stage.

Struck by a glass of beer when she sang her 2018 hit “Bodak Yellow”, the pop star reacted violently throwing his microphone towards the young fan, but hit another person. A woman who was unfairly hit by a singer’s microphone would file a complaint with the local authorities.

Over the past few hours, the rapper’s lawyers have reported this TMZ extension that Cardi B will not be held accountable for her act. But the microphone launched by the artist will be put up for auction. and proceeds will be donated to selected charities.

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